If you long for the great outdoors, we have easy walking tracks that lead you into our neighbouring town of Lushoto, the serene Forest Reserve, our breathtaking waterfall as well as many more other locations. The following are some the activities:-


Walking Trails

Our walking trails come in different levels of difficulty but every path leads to another amazing location which makes the journey worth your while. Our beautiful Lushoto waterfall is any easy track and not too far away from the Lodge. If you take the path to the Forest Reserve you can do some bird watching and observe the most exotic birds this region has to offer such as the Trumpeter Hornbill which resides in the forest. If you are looking for a more challenging walking track, you can hike up the trail that leads up to the highest mountain peak in Usambara. The view point is truly spectacular. To top off this amazing view you can also see the Colobus monkeys that reside on Usambara Mountains.


At mullers mountain lodge hiking is another way to explore the hidden usambara mountains treks of different length re available.

Neighbouring Attractions

You can walk to our neighbouring town of Lushoto or rent a car from the lodge and visit the town’s market; where you will not only find beautiful designed sculptors, artwork and an array of souvenirs but other basic goods you may also need. There is also Irente View Point which is not too far by car. The scenery is simply stunning with an estimated 800m vertical drop that overlooks the plains below and rugged cliffs that compliment this feature. Other awe-inspiring locations are Stone of God, Sky-Line, Mlalo, Bumbuli or the amazing Mtai which are also short car rides. We supply you with generous lunch boxes for your day exploration and we can also direct you on how and where to get a guide if you require one.